Monday, November 15, 2010

What to Write...

Its been quite some time since a blog post... Have been a bit held up due to work and related deadlines. But the main reason for not writing a post is due to a lot of confusions on what topic to pen down. Have been thinking of writing something Technical related to some technology.. or my favorite topic Neural Networks where a lot of work is going in. But not yet clear on what to write up.. A few things i was into in the recent past...

At the same time got chance to network with a lot of new folks @ office. And at times cant help but judge people, in-spite of knowing its bad couldn't form a opinion on whether to classify them as sheer geniuses or total fools... For instance met a person who thinks a lot of RAM memory (around 4GB) with a latest chipset equipped with a high end processor (like i3 or i5) can render any top end graphic games.. including resource hog games like Crysis, BioShock etc which even my laptop with 2Gb ram and a Core2 processor and dedicated 128MB GFX card fails rendering at high resolutions... Have asked him to prove it running the same on his newly configured PC with a i3.. Remembered the blog post by Short Circuit Engineer...

Have been researching quite a lot on a Android Mobile phone.. as was planning to buy one. But for my budget couldn't find anything. So dropped the idea of buying one for the time being. Had zeroed on Xperia X10 Mini Pro.. got a bargain of 12K for the device @ National Market, Bangalore. But dropped the plan last minute. Also found iPhone 3G for 19K and iPhone 2G for 12K the prices were before bargain. Good bargainers can drop the price another 2-3K.

Planning to learn Android Platform but haven't got any interesting idea worth implementing. If you have any ground breaking ideas do let me know. We may make history, you never know.

With deepavali the series of long weekends came to end, now waiting for the furlough in December. Watched quite a lot of movies released this year. Other than Khichdi a adaptation of the TV Series dint find any movie watching twice. And i did watch Khichdi twice that too on consecutive weekends.

Well that's all the updates for now.. for daily updates keep checking FB Statuses..

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