Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review - Eatouts in Mangalore

With the City growing there are many new restaurants opening up every now and then. As a diehard foodie... I am always tempted to check out these places.. Here is a list of places which i have been a few are good, a few falling from good to bad...

Maharaja: This is a quite an old Mangalore’s restaurant which servers some quality and authentic Manglorean food. Try out the “Chicken Ghee Roast” which is one among the best dish I have eaten here. This was a regular place which I and my gang would go during the one year I spent in St. Aloysius campus near light house. Also the Non Veg Thali here is quite a classic here and must haves. The staff is quite mature and experienced so you can accept pretty good service and courtesy from them.
Food: 8/10 (Loses on the Chinese dishes, as they are mediocre and not worth trying. As this place is more famous for its Mangalore Cuisine)
Ambience & Privacy: 5/10 (It’s a bar and restaurant so you will find a few uncles sipping there drinks & jeering at gals passing around.)

Hao-Ming: If you are in Mangalore & a diehard Chinese food lover, this is the place u have to go. Went here first with my dear & best friend and still remember the Shin-Min Rice & Pork in Black Chili we had that day. But off recent the quality here sucks... The last time one of my friends had been they served rotten and stinking prawns. This was confirmed by one more friend who had been there the same day. And another time a little earlier too i had a bad experience with food at this place. This place has gone from good to crap and is still progressing down the drains... Hope the review the quality soon and come back to being the best Chinese Resto in Mangalore.
Food: 2/10 (Would have rated it a minimum 8, but after a past few experiences don’t find it worth going for quite some time in the future.)
Ambience & Privacy: 4/10 (The ambience is pretty much decent for a Chinese Resto, but the waiter keeps bugging you to finish your order and order more so that he gets you to vacate the table so the people in queue can occupy it.)

Sizzler Ranch: A place tucked in a small corner next to the MCC building along the MG Road in Mangalore. This is the place you have to visit if you are a foodie & a barbeque\sizzler fan. They serve some of the, best quality sizzlers in town. These taste not just heavenly but are good on the pockets too. Try out the Rack of Lamb, Chicken Satellite and Kids Special. A regular non-veg sizzler may cost you around 180-220 bucks which is a decent price as you have a lot of meat (atleast 250gms in a sizzler) on a rich bed of veggies & French fries. Total paisa wassoul as one sizzler can fill your stomach to the brim.
Food: 9/10 (The best sizzlers I had till date, use fresh meat & proper sauces.)
Ambience & Privacy: 7/10 (Needs a little good ventilation as all the smoke from the sizzler tends to be indoors due to the lack of windows or exhaust fans and get a bit hotter inside. And as the sizzlers are freshly made the waiting time is around 15-20 Mins on Average, so it’s better to order food sometime in advance.)
A word of advice: They even serve traditional starters, it’s better not to go for it as it’s known for sizzlers eating anything other than a sizzler may not be worth. Also as the seating capacity is limited it’s better to book your table in advance on weekends.

Kismis: A new addition to Mangalore’s list of restaurants, situated in Bejai near Kadri Park. It’s got very good ambience, with a menu which is rich with food from all over the world and priced moderately. Have been there just once hence can’t comment much as the first experience was good, got to go a few more times to judge the overall quality of the place. Overall decent and ambient place for quite dinner with your family or romantic escape with your girlfriend. Try out the dish with Black Fungus (A type of flat mushroom).
Food: 9/10 (The food was presented very well, and was tasty enough)
Ambience & Privacy: 8/10 (The ambience was good, but the DJ had only a few Arabic Instrumental Tracks, unless you a fan it gets pretty irritating.)

La Oasis: another new restaurant in which opened up in Pio Mall located at Jail Road. This is quite an expensive restaurant; the average price of a dish is above 100 INR. The quantity of food served was pretty good and inspite of being expensive the bill I got after having stomach full lunch was less than 500 INR.
Food: 9/10 (A bit expensive, but decent quantity.)
Ambience & Privacy: 9.5/10 (Good Interiors, Good Music, Good Privacy overall I guess it deserve a 10, but as I have been here only once got to see how they maintain the place.)

Cherry Square: Looks like a small shack and a favorite among the young crowd, especially hot college babes; this place isn’t great for the food as its plain and mediocre. But if you want a place where you want to sit and chat with your friends or celebrate a birthday or some other great achievement of yours then this is the place you have to go, as people mind their own business & none bother to look at what you doing.
Food: 4/10 (Nothing special, just the regular fare of a few Chinese dishes.)
Ambience & Privacy: 9.5/10 (Simple & Plain thatched roof with tables & chairs and a fish tank embedded in a wall.)

Royal Treat\Royal Durbar: Will summarize both of these restaurants as both are Mughlai\ Hyderabadi Cuisine restaurant, Royal Treat being a bit expensive and having better ambience than the other. Serves traditional Mughlai Dishes; including various kebabs & biryanis.
Food: 8/10 (Both serve similar food which also taste the same, Royal Durbar being bit more cheap than Royal Treat)
Ambience & Privacy: 8/10 (Royal Treat) 7/10(Royal Durbar)


  1. Dude did u forget to mention Canara canteen opp. St.Aloysius College....ROFL

  2. hey thought Royal Durbar was the expensive one. Royal treat is the one near falnir or the one near colaco hospital? get always confused between those two!!!
    and hey how come no mention of chefs?? its a decent place in Manglore for Italian food and they serve some of the best lasagne in Mangalore and my personal favourite squid in garlic sauce :)
    Dont know if u have been there but try kadal on light house hill road nice place, with good view n ambience but the continental dishes are not available although they are on the menu and service is a bit slow I thought but then the latter could be my fault cause most of the times I have been there it was when there were about to close for the afternoon!!! (kitchen closes at 3pm in the afternoon)