Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bengaluru - The Garden City

Don’t know if stinking and rotten garbage and waste roadside make it eligible as the garden city.

A few more things I hate about this place.

Buses:  the common transport found here are run by the state government organization named Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corp, a sister concern of KSRTC. I have to travel daily for a distance of 5kms, used to travel the same distance in Mangalore from lady hill to jyothi. And the journey in Mangalore was bliss even if the buses were overcrowded with almost no place to put your leg when compared to travelling in BMTC buses in Bangalore. Not just the aisle is totally unfriendly to standing crowd the people in the bus are total selfish and disgusting. Moreover I will be pushed to the extreme rear of the bus even when I have to get down 2 stops from the place I board the bus. By the time I reach the end navigating the crowd it will be time for me to get down.

Food: I never had eaten Sambhar or any curries made without coconut. And coming to Bangalore realized that coconut is something the people up here are remotely familiar with. The only place coconut is used in making a sweet burfi using the same. Overall I hate the food I eat here just the way I hate this city. Secondly the lack of well cooked and well cleaned fish is one more of ma woes in Bangalore. Moreover the high possibility of getting Dysentery every time you eat the road side food just makes it out of my mouth; don’t want to fall sick in this God Forbidden City. (I did have food poisoning once, and all I had eaten was shwarma from the stall right opposite to KSRTC bus stop in Bejai, Mangalore)

People: Bangalore has different categories of people in it. Have never come across the elite’s or much of the white collard working class in Bangalore. All the people I know are the migrant workers who come here in search of jobs from the various parts of the country. Have to be amidst them daily in the bus for around 30min (Yes.. it takes me 30mins to traverse a distance of 5kms in the top speed 20kms BMTC buses). During such indirect sessions of mingling with these people realized that not just they don’t have any humility or sense of responsibility towards others they assume they own Bangalore.

Hang Outs: the only hang outs available in Bangalore are the numerous Malls, Pubs and Gardens. And each of them has their own set of negatives.

·         Malls: Expensive and noting fun about being in there. These are closed spaces with central AC’s or lack of them. An average weekend in a Mall with a friend cost me around 600 not just it was least appealing to my taste buds it dint fill both of our stomach’s.

·         Pubs: Hate to go out alone, miss my desi buddies from Kundapur. Moreover boozing in pubs is just not in my standard after all I graduated boozing in roadside Wine Shops or downtown cheap Bar & Restaurants, the thrill of boozing in such places is totally different when compared to a pub. And I am not a person who will have a bottle of beer paying the price of two or three bottles of the same. Who cares for the ambience or music after three bottles of liquor?

·         Gardens: never really was a huge fan of nature or manmade nature as in gardens. Moreover all the good gardens are full of love birds, walking in any of those with a female friend is not just embarrassing it defiantly will have a negative impression on my current Relationship Status.

The only things that make me stick to this hell are:

Ø  The pleasant and cool work environment in the organization I am working. Not planning to quit the same for quite some time in the very distant future. Hope the big people out here open up an office in Mangalore and I can go back to my hometown and work for the same organization from there.

Ø  The huge availability of book stores in malls where I can satisfy my thirst for reading book. As I can find the very best of the book and even read a few pages before I zero down on buying the same.

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