Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cook in Me

The early ambition in my life was to be a Chef. But education ruined me and I am a Software Engineer. Yet the kitchen never stops attracting me, and occasionally come up with some or the other recipe. Mix and match Chinese with Indian or Continental with some garam masala and fix up something new to simulate my taste buds. A few stuff I cooked last weekend in my room where I do lack a stove and other accessories this is the best I could do to keep my taste buds stimulated and stomach full.

Bhel Sandwich:
Came up with this as I had a few slices of bread, cheese, loads of kurkure and lays in every flavor of it.
Ingredients to make one Sandwich:

  • 1 cup Lays, 1 cup Kurkure (I used a little from each of the flavors available), crush it.
  • Chopped and Diced Onions (1), Tomato(1), Coriander (5 Tender Stems), Green Chili (Small)
  • Lemon Juice (8-10  drops), Salt
  • Bread lightly toasted
  • Cheese Spread
How to Fix the Sandwich:

  • Mix the chopped veggies, lemon juice, salt
  • Cheese one side of the bread
  • Spread the vegetables on it.
  • Keep another slice of toasted bread which is cheesed
  • Speared the mixture of lays and kurkure on the upper side and cover it with another slice of cheesed bread.
And you are done with your sandwich; all you need is a good book or a movie to go along with it.

Will come up with some more recipes soon. Keep Looking Out for Them.