Sunday, September 19, 2010

Technology Is Bad... Is It Really?

Every day we get to read of a new research findings on how usage of cell phones, computers and other gadgets leads to some or the other medical ailments. Not just this a lot of authors have found out that writing articles criticizing about technology as a best chance to get published. But how many of you dint buy a mobile as it may cause cancer in your brain or reduce your sperm count or stopped using a computer as it may lead you to having carpal tunnel syndrome. Even with my limited biological knowledge what I know and believe is that we are a species which rapidly evolve. As put by a great mind “Survival of the Fittest”. There were many a species which couldn’t evolve and have long been lost in dust. And many of the species which by their sheer determination to survive have been evolving according to the needs of the time.
I have been using a cell phone from the last 5+ years. And feel no effect of the same. My brain power has in fact increased as it gets continuous and more exercise by thinking of reasons for missing call by someone special and everyone not so special. The only place that effected is my wallet that is due to the non quenching need for the top up by my service provider.
In short any advancement we make has certain limitations. Always considering the negative side of any development is the sign of a pessimist. A researcher must have a positive attitude towards life and his research. All the time spent in researching the side-effects of technology if was spent on something more creative and beneficiary, it would have benefited the whole mankind. All these genius never thought was how many people are really bothered of their reduced sperm count using a mobile and thus don’t buy one.

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