Friday, September 17, 2010

My Best Friend "El"

Know “EL” from the last 10 years. Know her well but yet don’t know her well enough to say I know her just perfect. Met this wild person in a camp, during my high school days. And then began the journey of never ending long telephonic conversation and looking forward to meet in the next camp. The friendship started in my school days continued to my college days and just is going to continue for the next infinite years. We both meeting would be rare and hardly once a year. In fact the first movie we ever saw together was “Love Aaj Kal”. That’s what happens when you happen to befriend a Busy VIP. Despite of not meeting or talking or spending much time together the bond was strong enough to keep the friendship going on forever. Had a fair share of fights and some real amazing moments. Fights I can’t recall as I am not supposed to. The amazing moments… I put the entire blame on ma forgetful memory…
Can never forget the campfire nights. But yet the best campfire I had you hadn’t attended the camp and you happened to miss it… and me miss you. Now when you 10000kms away in another continent. The chats we have daily, the ISD calls (90% of them which you do… I am a poor guy unable to afford much money to top up) have taken the relationship to a whole new level. Despite of this miss you more than the time you were here and we used to speak once in a while. Waiting for the time you will be coming back home, mainly for the gifts from abroad (you better not come empty handed, i guess you know the list of what i want). Best of luck dear. You were and will always be the Best, Beautiful and Gorgeous friend I ever had.


  1. Beautiful article... Cant put to words about how i feel right now :)

  2. U seem to be a good writer man... :) keep it up :)